Hermit Crab Racing

Every summer, families look forward to going to the beach for some fun in the sun & most of all to relax.. Long winter days are easier to get through, when you think of summer time fun. Well, my family does to, but we are a  very competitive group. We look forward to the hermit crab racing at the Jersey shore. Every Tuesday at Z- Line shore shop they hold hermit crab races for the “Children”…..lol and my husband. The kids all come with their cages in hand and line up to get a number for their hermit crab. The owner of the shop calls out ten at a time and the crabs have to crawl from one end of a weekly themed race track to the other. It’s all very cute, every week they have themes for the kids hermit crab race. This week they had a back to school theme. Books, pencils and erasers were put on the track. This is very funny to watch the crabs try to navigate the objects in their way. Now let me say we are about an hour away from the Jersey Shore, and we do not go every Tuesday. Yesterday, was the last race for the season and we made sure our two crabs were in the race. We have Sponge Bob, number 45, and Curly, number 54. My husband said “we had ringers and this was going to be the first time in 12 years we would win a free T-shirt.” The race starts and I watch my husband, Kailey, Kristynna and two friends cheering for their crabs, only to find out that both hermit crabs sat at the starting-line for the whole race. We were not winners. With smiles on their faces and a plan about how we would get them next year, we sat and plotted out our hermit crab training over some homemade ice cream. I am going to have to pick up some big wholesale hair bow orders. I have a feeling we are going to have to buy a faster crab……lol!

Melissa~Accessories by Me

Back to School

As a parent at this point of the year we have the feeling of an ending summer and back to school around the corner. For many of you school has started. As I see from all the beautiful facebook posts of first day pictures. The first day of school comes with so many emotions. Ether it is for pre-k all the way to college there is excitement in the air. I am the mother of three Kailey (10y), Kristynna (13y) and Kaitlyn (17y). This year I officially have two middle school and a first year of college. Never mind the hormones that are flying through my house, school is coming, whether we like it or not. Kailey keeps telling me she is working on her summer homework, and far be it for me to argue. We all know I will be typing book reports before the first day of school……lol. Kristynna has her backpack packed, and ready to go since August first. College just hasn’t hit Kaitlyn yet. She is still riding a high from graduation and summer fun. Well I wish you all a beautiful and successful school year and I will keep you posted on ours.